Fifteen Songs, I dearly love. #1

Some songs softly soar through your atmosphere. Here's a first list of 15 Songs, I dearly love and put on replay multiple times: (in alphabetical order) ALL YOUR LINES END IN ME by Francis International Airport "You set the pace and I - I lay here and all your lines find their end in me." [...]

Beloved Female Musicians #1

In a music industry where female musicians (except for the big pop stars) tend to not get as much exposure/opportunities as their cis male counterparts it is, in my point of view, especially important to highlight and celebrate female artists. For that reason you will find a list in alphabetical order of 10  artists, I [...]

Food for the Herbst-Herz.

Art always feeds my heart. Especially in times like these - nurturing is essential.   As I love to make lists, here's one of inspirational content for the melancholic but hopeful autumn-heart: Listen to: AVEC - Heaven / Hell  The upper-austrian singer-songwriter AVEC just released her new album and it is beautiful. favourite songs from [...]