g h o s t

Well, I have to confess that publishing a song of mine feels very scary, but well... here it goes: medalomismo - "g h o s t" Ser vulnerable está bien. Credits Camera / Editing: Lisa Hasenhütl Actresses: Maja Sikanic Lisa Wentz   Concept / Idea: Alexandra Mittermüller / medalomismo Music & Lyrics: medalomismo Featuring: Klara [...]

Thoughts about Ceuta.

OPINIÓN | Pensamientos sobre Ceuta y la frontera - el colonialismo está bien y está vivo. La versión en Castellano: APDHA Cádiz   OPINION | Thoughts about Ceuta and the border - Colonialism is alive and well. By Alexandra Mittermüller, Cultural- & Social Anthropologist. Intern at APDHA. Reading about all the injustice that is happening [...]

Beloved Female Musicians #1

In a music industry where female musicians (except for the big pop stars) tend to not get as much exposure/opportunities as their cis male counterparts it is, in my point of view, especially important to highlight and celebrate female artists. For that reason you will find a list in alphabetical order of 10  artists, I [...]

Trans* Visibility – Talk with Nathan Cha

In Austria transgender* realities are largely being hidden. You hear little to nothing about this topic in the media. That's why I was very happy to talk to Nathan Cha, a non-binary interdisciplinary artist. The interview can be found below, following this introduction. It is split into two parts: In the first part we talk [...]

Food for the Herbst-Herz.

Art always feeds my heart. Especially in times like these - nurturing is essential.   As I love to make lists, here's one of inspirational content for the melancholic but hopeful autumn-heart: Listen to: AVEC - Heaven / Hell  The upper-austrian singer-songwriter AVEC just released her new album and it is beautiful. favourite songs from [...]

Genderfreie Zone? Die Kategorie Gender in den Refugee Studies.

Diese Auseinandersetzung mit der Kategorie Gender in den Refugee Studies ist im Rahmen des Vorlesungsseminars "Anthropologische Ansätze in den Refugee Studies - Theorien, Methoden und Politiken" am Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie im August 2017 entstanden. Titelbild: Dokumentarfilm "What The Wind Took Away"   GENDERFREIE ZONE ? DIE KATEGORIE GENDER IN DEN REFUGEE STUDIES von [...]

The Taíno – counted out of existence?

Cover Picture: Playa El Combate, Borikén 2012. This Paper was written for the seminar Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Conflicts which was held by Mag. Miriam Anne Frank at the institute of Cultural-& Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna in 2017.  The Taíno – Counted out of existence? by Alexandra Mittermüller Table of Contents Introduction [...]

Gertrude Pressburger.

Gelebt, Erlebt, Überlebt. Ich empfehle die Autobiografie der Holocaust-Überlebenden Gertrude Pressburger zu lesen. Wir dürfen niemals vergessen, niemals aufhören über die Shoa zu sprechen, zu erinnern und zu ermahnen! Wissen über das Geschehene verschafft Bewusstsein. Es liegt an uns. Gerade jetzt.   "Ich empfinde keinen Hass auf Menschen wie sie. Hass ist ein Gefühl, dass [...]

Books of my life: Tuesdays with Morrie

There are books that make a deep impact on your mind. For me one of that books is "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. It's autobiographical and tells the story about the relationship between  the author and his sociology professor, who suffers from ALS - a terminal neurological disease. In his dying condition Professor Morrie [...]